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One Thousand Museum Downtown Miami

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Price list

ZoneFloorsTypeTotal AreaPrice Range
Zone 115 - 25Half-Floor Residence5,507 Sq. Ft.$ 5,550,000 to $6,000,000
Zone 226 - 33Half-Floor Residence5,507 Sq. Ft.$ 5,900,000 to $6,500,000
Zone 334 - 49Half-Floor Residence5,542 Sq. Ft. - 5,576 Sq. Ft.$ 6,350,000 to $6,900,000
Zone 450 - 57Full-Floor PH Residence10,353 Sq. Ft.$ 19,400,000 to $20,700,000
TH ZoneLevel 1-2Town Home Residence9,493 Sq. Ft.$11,950,000
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Get full price list

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